UPDATEIn January 2015, Tesla added shuffle and repeat to the Model S with firmware Version 6.1, one its many over-the-air updates. This page remains as it was originally created in August 2014.
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Music RandomizerBETA

A Mac app that randomizes music on a USB drive using random folder numbers and file prefixes

Designed to simulate shuffle in the Tesla Model S

The most advanced car in the world can't shuffle.

However, it can play songs by folder.

This simple tool shuffles the music on your USB drive.

Open the app, locate your drive using the menu, and click Randomize Music.

Don't worry. You will still be able to play music by Artist, Album, etc. and when the folders stop feeling random, you can run it again to create new ones.

Please note: By design, all of the music on your USB drive will be reorganized into random folders. Always backup your music.

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